ApkTrendz- Download Latest Version Of FM WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus & OGWhatsApp

Enhanced WhatsApp variants are in the buzz these days. They are basically exactly what they sound like. Manually edited/modified mods that offers more features than the original one. Sometimes these features can be gimmicky, like out of the box customization and the ability to decide how you’re profile picture appears. But sometime, they can be a user’s dream that the original version is too big to care about (at least at a given time). Because of mainly this, and other reasons, mods are sought for, searched and constantly in demand and have been so since the past decade. We at ApkTrendz takes pride on the fact that we’re the only web based media that aims to provide the original and latest versions of the most in-demand and advanced modded WhatsApp APKs, like FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus.

You can expect to get direct links to these modded apps and can provide your feedback down in the comments in order to get them shared to their respective developers. These apps are tested by professionals and are ready to be installed and used right away. Bookmark this page in order to have unlimited access to the most legitimate collection of WhatsApp APK. Such APK files are directly gathered from source code and are developed by highly respected “modders” maintaining substantial fanbases of their own. You might have stumbled upon either one or multiple of such groups in Telegram and Discord where these modders collaborate and converse on their projects. They also take feedbacks from first hand users that they implement in their follow up updates.

This makes the development and feedback process a more direct and organic way of collaboration and marketing. One can expect great things from an Application that is constantly being improved by getting feedback from its users.

#1) FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is among such mods and is essentially the biggest one. Created by legendary modder Fouad Mokdad, this app not only lets you make talks with your existing WhatsApp contact list but also provide ways to use every single feature and function that the original version has to offer. This means you get the same options in your homescreen, settings and other tabs a long with dozens of more features that the mod has to offer. Maintaining the original features on top of having additional ones is key. This means you don’t have to two-time your WhatsApp on a single device. Some lesser know mods have this quirk which prevents users from using some original features like group links, etc in order to get the additional one.

Its because of that we have made our list free from mods that doesn’t let you use the legacy code of WhatsApp. All the good stuff mentioned about having a big fanbase and fan group for collaboration is true about FM along with the fact that this is essentially the editor’s choice. So, in case you have any specific requirements (which will be mentioned in other modds), we can recommend to go with FM as your Primary MOD for Whatsapp

#2) GBWhatsApp

In the realm WhatsApp Mods, GB WhatsApp holds a special place. Its because its among the first once which made it big. Not only does it hold a huge userbase but it also has dedicated core developers churning changes every now and then. The app has arguably  the best customization features and works perfectly with all Android devices. You can expect a frictionless experience guided by interactive icons with catchy color schemes. Deep down its still original code but it is surrounded with extraordinary functions that are structured above it to make it more suitable to people’s demands.

This mod makes it easier to connect with your contacts in a way that ensures smooth delivery of text and media with a higher memory limit. Typically, the original WhatsApp caps around at 50-100 MBs for each file type. GB wipes the floor with its much higher memory limit that is not only always live but also fast. This means all your personal files that are chunkier in size can be transferred directly through this application.

#3) YOWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp is another great tool to spice up your conversations. It offers a wide selection of themes to choose from and its never boring with this mod. There is also an internal theme store that is being maintained by the team. This store offers a very curated range of styles to choose from. Its not only limited to colors e.g. Red or Blue, but extends to specific style names like Dark and Bright. Because of this, each theme offers a unique experience with much more depth. Such attention to details shows the dedication and actual work ethic behind the team.

It is because of such reasons, YO WhatsApp holds a special place at the list of our “Blue Chip” mods with which you never go wrong. Make sure to follow the instructions of installation to get this application installed in the way its developers intended at the first place. YO has all the great styling features as elaborated before along with key functions that makes it truly an ideal mod to go with. If its your first time playing around with mods, YOWA wouldn’t be a bad choice. You’ll have access to all the core features mentioned here along with many new ones to come with each update.

#4) WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus APK is a different yet similar flavor in our collection of mods. The difference lies mostly in looks, as it possesses its own colors and styles that are unique to it. It stands out, just like its users. And for that reasons, it has a loyal and long on going user base that wholeheartedly operates only this mod. Rest of the features are similar with some exceptions but for the most part, looks is the only factor for differentiation. Just like other Apps mentioned here, WhatsApp plus also has a dedicated team behind it working all the time to put out newer variants.

#5) OGWhatsApp

Just as the name suggests, OGWA is an acquired taste who like to keep it classic. With its modern material design that somehow adheres to original roots, OG WhatsApp is one of the most unique MOD in the “MODVerse” (We never run out of names for it!). The basic idea behind the application is to conserve the originality of WhatsApp and yet offer more features that it. In contrast to many other “OG” Mods, this one has truly stuck with the originality of the vanilla variant. This makes it extremely challenging to differentiate OGWhatsApp from WhatsApp.

And that is What the fans like most about this application.