Difference Between GBWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus

Have Your Ever Wondered About the Difference Between WhatsApp Plus & GBWhatsApp?  Yes There are the Similarities and Some of the Slight Differences in the both Mod Apks. WhatsApp Plus & GBWhatsApp are the Modified Versions of the original Whatsapp. Both of them have the Basic Features of the Original Apk and Also comes with the Exclusive Features.

Starting with the Availability of these Mod Apk, Both of the Apks are not available on Play Store Because of being Modded versions They are not Approved by the Play Store, So you need to search on the Web to Get the Mod Apk file, On Apktrendz you can able to get the Updated Version of Mod Apk Files

WhatsApp Plus VS GBWhatsApp

                               WhatsApp Plus VS GBWhatsApp

Regardless of the answer though, WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp Download both work really well. Lets Check for the Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp in the Below Section. In this Post, We are Disclosing Major Features and & Difference between the download GBWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus. As Whatsapp going to add more features like dark mode in future well these apps also gets more updated features.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • In this Apk you can able to Change the Display of the App & Modify the Apk looks like the Original Version.
  • You can use the Visual themes or styles to change the appearance of the App.
  • Install Any themes directly from the Whatsapp plus for free.
  • About 700+ New Themes has been updated in the Latest Version of Whatsapp plus Download.
  • Send any files on Whatsapp plus Download with a limit of 2MB-50MB without losing the Quality.

Addition Of New Emoticons

Whatsapp is limited with Routine emoticons & Stickers, Due to this lack Everyone installing the Third party Apps which offers Numerous Stickers. With these third Party apps more system Space is Occupied and Every time you need to use the App to get the Stickers, But by using the WhatsApp Plus you will be provided with enough emoticons. In the Updated Version you can able to use the Smileys stickers from this app. Also copy the Stickers  from any app and send in the Whatsapp plus without any glitch.

Features of GB WhatsApp:

  • By installing the GB whatsapp you can able to Use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp in the same Mobile Device.
  • Unlike Whatsapp, You don’t need to Close the Alternative app to GBWhatsApp.
  • Including with all the basic features of Whatsapp you have more Exclusive features of with this new app.
  • Download GBWhatsApp, you can able to Hide the last seen which provides you more Privacy when you are in Online.
  • Customize the blue tick & Moderate it to Single Click or Two  Blue Ticks even you not Read the Messages.
  • Although now official version of whatsapp also lets you to disable blue tick, you can have more customizations here
  • Install any custom themes to Modify the Appearance of app, Download any of the  custom themes for free.
  • Send any files,images, audio, video that basically 100 files at once, Send upto 90 photos and also modify them with the use the GBWA.

More GBWhatsApp(GBWA) Features :

More than the above features explore more new features in Download GBWhatsApp, Use more privacy features like hide typing message,open selfie flash while video calling, Put keep online or status 24*7. Without any ban issue you can able to create own themes and many more fun unlocked by GBWhatsApp .


On Apktrendz.co you can able to Download WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp , which are the great options for alternative to WhatsApp. In fact, you can still use the Whatsapp along with these apps, From the Above you can choose the best Messenger app for android Device.With a Single Click you can able to Download and install them on your Android Device.And Its up to You Uninstall the Whatsapp When you Want to Download this Apk son your Device. If you have any Doubts regarding post Please comment in the Below Section.