How to Hide Chats/Conversations in Whatsapp

Using GBwhatsapp you can hide chats or conversations. Gbwhatsapp having the features which comes with a few useful archival capabilities that allow users to “hide” conversations from their conversation feeds, without deleting permanent chat. This tutorial will guide you how to use the Archive function to hide chats on the instant messenger.

Hide Whatsapp chats

Hide Whatsapp chats


Head to your conversation feed and tap to hold the conversation you would like to hide. A pop-up menu will be displayed on your screen. Tap Archive Chat to hide it from view:

Hide Whatsapp Conversation

Hide WhatsApp conversations with the help this feature you have to archive chats. Follow this below guidelines to archieve the chat depending on the OS your smartphone has.

  • First you need to download gbwhatsapp from here Download GBWhatsapp
  • In one step the GBWhatsApp has the ability to archive all of your conversation.
  • To archieve the chat click the Menu button > Settings. Then go to Chat Settings > You can archive all chats.
Hide chats in whatsapp

Hide chats in whatsapp

  • Click OK to archive your conversations

Unarchive WhatsApp Conversation in Android

  • Open whatsapp and Scroll down to the bottom to see all the conversations screen are shown. There you can select Archived Chats.
archieve whatsapp chats

archieve whatsapp chats

  • You can see all the archived chats in your device
  • If you want to unarchieve any of your contact conversation just long press on that contact to unarchive and then choose Unarchive button at the top as shown in the image
  • Later, the conversation will be again shown on the main screen along with other chats.


Mostly people are using latest version of GBWhatsApp which is having amazing features like hide conversation in whatsapp and you can keep privacy with his personal WhatsApp chat conversation. In GBWhatsapp you can easily hide chat conversation on Android, iOS or Windows phone.