Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk v 2.3.30 (Infinite Sun, Unlimited Coins)

Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk is the modified Version of Plants Vs. Zombies original Version. This is one stop Solution for tower defense Game lovers. Use plants to Prevent Zombies from entering Houses by killing them. Plants Vs. Zombies game Developed and Published by PopCap Games. This game was First introduced to the world in 2009 and Launched on iOS devices.

In 2011, it Reached the Android Devices on Amazon Store and now it is Available on Google Play Store. You need to download lucky patcher to patch this application. But only the modified app lets you access the fullest features of the application with the help of this app called lucky patcher. In this game you can collect unlimited coins these are used to save your suns energy or upgrade your plants.

Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod

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Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk (Infinite Sun, Unlimited Coins):


In the Plants vs. Zombies Free game, Each plant has its own ability and Unique Defensive capability. You need to protect the Humans preventing them eaten by Zombies, Buy plants using Sun to plant in the yard on any of the 6 Lanes.  In the Original Version, You can able to use limited Sun to kill the Zombies, And it is hard to cross the Levels.

As the Level Passing by Powerful Zombies Strike hard to cross the yard and Enter the house in order to eat the brain. To buy a plant you need Sun. In fact, You need more Sun to kill them. By Downloading Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk gamer can be provided by infinite Sun/Coin.

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Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk File Information:

App NamePlants Vs. Zombies Free
AdvantageUnlimited Coins ,Infinite Sun
Mod Versionv 2.3.30
Last Updated19th Feb 2019

How to Download And Install The Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk?

Plants vs. Zombies free mod game is a fun and easy game. In this game, you can kill the zombies by using plants. So you have to grow more plants. In this game, you can get unlimited sun with this solar power you can kill more Zombies. The graphics of this game are beautiful. This Plants Vs. Zombies Free Apk game is totally free for download. Here we are providing information about the downloading process and also given the download link below.


  • Once Downloaded then Click on the install button to install this Plants Vs. Zombies Free game.
Plants Vs. Zombies Installation

Install Plants Vs. Zombies Free mod Apk

  • After completing the installation of this Plants vs. Zombies Apk game then Click on  Done.
Plants Vs. Zombies mod apk

Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free mod Apk

  • Now Plant as many as you need to Kill the Zombies using Unlimited Suns.
  • After finishing the download and install the game now open the Plants Vs. Zombies Free game and play it.

Features of The Plants Vs. Zombies Free Game:

  • This Game has four Different Game Modes Adventure, Mini-games, Survival and  Puzzles.
  • Each Game Mode Twist up with Different Ability Zombies with Different Scenarios like Swimming pool, rooftop day and night, fog etc.,
  • In adventure mode, you need to clear 50 different area Levels and each area has 10 levels.
  • Combat with Different types of Zombies like dancing zombies, Jumping, snorkelers, pole-vaulters etc., You have to face 26 more Deadliest Zombies with Different abilities
  • Not all the Zombies can be killed with the same Plant. Be a matchmaker and plant best one To encounter the Upcoming Zombie.
  • You can play these plants vs. zombies free game with your friends and challenge them to kill more zombies. Also, you can download this game on android mobile by using above download link.

What’s More In The Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk?

Plants vs. Zombies Free mod Apk game is an original game. In this game, it has awesome graphics. Here you can also get more different plant weapons and zombies. And this game gas different types of modes. You can control this game with your mobile touch. The moves of this game are to easy and it helps you to handle more missions in the game. Also here you can get unlimited suns these suns are used to attack zombies. By using suns you can kill more zombies than plants.

If you want to download this game you can get the download link above and also given the instructions for downloading process. This game offers the mini-games so it allows you to play mini-games on your device.
In this Plants vs. Zombies free game, you can get the 50 levels in the adventure game. In this adventure mode, you can play through the day, night, fog, in a swimming pool or on the rooftop and more levels.

Firstly you have to grow more plants in the garden and with these plants are used to attack zombies. While playing these plants vs. zombies free game be careful with Zombies they automatically jump, run, dance, swim and also even eat plants to get into your house. So you have to save more suns power to attack them. Also, you can collect unlimited coins these coins are used to buy more suns from the store. If you want more coins you can also buy them from the coin store.


Plant vs. Zombies Game has no age limit to play, This is very Fun and brain tackle Game. You can also Download the Original version Plants Vs. Zombies in the Play Store. But you can not get more Sun so Opt to Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk unlimited sun for more Exciting Gameplay.The Above post we disclosed important Details for Plants Vs. Zombies Free Mod Apk and Furnished how to Download it.

Here you can get unlimited suns you can buy more suns with the coins. If you having Any Doubts among this post Feel free to Comment in the Below Section. As soon as possible we will give a reply to your questions. Share with your friends about this Plants vs. Zombies Free m0d game. For more games or the latest updates please revisit