How to Remove Forward Label From Your GBWhatsapp Message

WhatsApp introduces a new feature which is label ‘Forwarded’ to all the forwarded messages. In other words, recieving messages which you aren’t hand typed by the senders. That forwarded label appears at the top of the message. Hence, use the updated version of WhatsApp, if you have forward a message to any contact or group, the receiver(s) will know that the message was sent to you by someone else.

Process to Remove Forward Label from your GBWhatsapp

Here is a trick to remove label from your gbwhatsapp. You can also act like you’re the original poster of any message. Follow these steps to use the trick

  • First download GBwhatsapp on your device from here Download GBWhatsapp
  • Open gbwhatsapp and select the message which you want to share.
Remove Forward Label

Remove Forward Label

  • While using the forward button, you can select the share button.
Remove Forward Label From Your GBWhatsapp

Remove Forward Label From Your GBWhatsapp

  • Now you wont get ‘Forwarded’ label on top of the message which you have shared for your contacts, so they thought you’ve technically forwarded it.


In this article, we provide the trick to remove forward messages on gbwhatsapp. You can not use this simple trick for messages, if you want to forward message just copy the cntent and paste it for which you want to send it. Using this trick you can forward only one message at a time. If you have any query regarding this article comment in the comment section below.