How to Set Duration for Revoked Message on Whatsapp

You can easily revoke or delete the message on GBWhatsapp from Serverside. The user can not be able to see messages if you remove the message from server. Delete messages for everyone is one of the most demanded feature now a days. With this latest version the limit feature is added, users won’t be able to delete messages by changing system settings on their end. By this feature you can stop the senders from deleting old messages sent weeks or months earlier.

How to Revoke Message on Whatsapp

The most demanded feature in GBWhatsapp is delete messages for everyone and the users allows to delete your sent message within 68 minutes, if you send it to a wrong recipient.

  • First you need to download GBWhatsapp from here Download GBWhatsapp
  • Then open WhatsApp and go to the chat which message you want to delete.
Revoke message

Revoke message

  • Tap and hold the message > select Delete option from the menu. If you want to delete more messages, select multiple messages to delete at once.
delete for everyone on GBWhatsapp

delete for everyone on GBWhatsapp

  • Tap Delete > Delete for Everyone.
revoke messages on whatsapp

revoke messages on whatsapp

  • By downloading latest version of Gbwhatsapp on your android device, to delete the messages for everyone successfully.
  • This feature will support for the latest version of gbwhatsapp, both recipients should have the updated whatsapp.
  • If you sent a message within hour you have to Delete for Everyone.


Read this article, and share this delete for everyone feature with your family and friends or to any of your WhatsApp contacts and tell them the usage of this features. If you have any query you can comment below in the comment section.